What Makes Us Different


Because we are committed to the individual patient, we are also committed to making our service available to every cancer patient possible. We believe that tumor tissue has the power to revolutionize the evolution of cancer care. So we have dedicated ourselves to continue to search out avenues that make this a more affordable and viable option to all.

Physician Leadership

SpeciCare was born out of a physician’s desire to do more for his patients. Ken Dixon, MD, FACS, surgical oncologist practicing just north of Atlanta, was tired of telling his patients there was nothing left to do. Armed with his personal expertise, and more than 35 years experience in the healthcare industry, he set out on a journey to do more. This journey led him to tumor tissue and its power to create options that were not there before. Dr. Dixon assembled a team of the nation’s leading experts to develop a tissue storage and banking process.

“Once I realized its power, I could not believe we have just been throwing away tumor tissue for all these years.”
Ken Dixon, MD, FACS

Individualized Approach

While cancers are classified into general types, at SpeciCare we recognize that no two cancers are actually the same. That is why we are laser focused on providing individualized solutions and answers to cancer care. We believe that tumor tissue holds the key to unlocking secrets to personalized care that have not been explored before and that our unique tissue banking and storage process creates new pathways of care for the patient and their clinical care team to explore.

“As a doctor, my goal is not to invent a cure for cancer – it is to cure the cancer patient sitting in front of me.”

Focused on Quality of Life

We know that when time matters most, you want answers, options and quality of life. By focusing on the individual patient, we believe we may be able to provide access to solutions that could extend life beyond months to years. By conducting testing on tumor tissue outside the body, our goal is to avoid unnecessary side effects during the treatment process. In this way, improvement in quality of life can be realized. And by returning individualized information back to the patient and their clinical care team, you can make informed decisions about your care.

“Currently pharmaceutical companies can have a drug FDA approved for the marketplace if they can prove it extends life by 6-9 weeks. At SpeciCare, we are not satisfied with 6-9 weeks- we are looking for home runs for our patients, not just base hits.”

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