Storing Live Tumor Tissue

Opening the door to NEW options in cancer care

The medical community has not changed the way they save tumor tissue since 1870. Until now.

In recent years a new industry has risen up centered around saving living tumor tissue. Until SpeciCare, tumor tissue was rarely saved for the benefit of the individual patient.  Why?  The expense of saving living tumor tissue once was cost prohibitive.  Only in very recent years has it become known that each individual patient’s tumor is unique, carrying specific genetic, immunologic, and other molecular characteristics, and is very different from other cancers that may even carry the same name.

With SpeciCare live tumor tissue is frozen using state-of-the art cryopreservation methods, which are similar to methods used by industry-leading biorepositories and in vitro fertilization clinics worldwide.  We have been comfortable for years with this technology for fertility and in preserving cord blood for new families. Now with SpeciCare, cancer patients have the opportunity to take advantage of the same science for their immediate personal benefit.

The time has come for individual research on a specific patient’s tumor tissue.  Each doctor and patient should carefully consider whether it is in the patient’s best interests to save a portion of that individual’s tumor tissue and to open the door to new options not available any other way.  Learn more about how SpeciCare makes storing living tumor tissue an easy choice for patients and physicians.

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