Patient Benefits

Benefits to storing living tumor tissue


Storing tumor tissue opens the door to significant opportunities for long-term survival.  More than half of patients who store their tumor tissue utilize a portion within the first year, creating access to new options that can be delivered locally with the patient’s own clinical care team.

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Quality of life

When time matters most, you want to be able to be close to family and friends.  Sending the tumor off instead of the patient can allow result-directed implementation of a treatment regimen and clinical recommendations administered in your local environment.


Organoid creation, access to clinical trials, genetic sequencing, individualized vaccine, tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) and chemo-sensitivity testing, and other precision medicine treatment options can help quickly pinpoint a treatment regimen right for you without unnecessary side effects and trial and error.


Currently pharmaceutical companies can have a drug FDA approved for the marketplace if they can prove it extends life by 6-9 weeks.  We are here to help you look for home runs not just base hits.

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