The Power of Tumor Tissue

You get one chance to save your tumor tissue, don’t let it be thrown it away.

Research has found that there is great knowledge to be gained from tumor tissue, an item previously used by pathology and then thrown away as medical waste. We now know living tumor tissue may be the key to unlocking new personalized treatment options and revelations in cancer care that were not previously available. By saving and preserving tumor tissue alive, we can offer individuals a new and important validation step to eliminate ineffective therapies and to identify effective therapies more quickly opening the door to significant opportunities for long-term survival. Frozen tissue may also allow the 85 percent of patients being treated in their local communities access to leading-edge solutions that transcend geographic boundaries and can be delivered locally.

This pre-surgical decision is yours.

Why should you consider tumor tissue storage?

  • To arm you and your doctor with as many options as possible in your fight against cancer.
  • To take charge of your journey to long-term survival.
  • To give family, friends and loved ones peace of mind that every avenue has been explored and considered.
  • To create affordable access to leading-edge cancer treatment and technology.
  • To benefit from the quickly evolving field of personalized cancer treatment.
  • To create opportunities outside of drugs, chemo and radiation ONLY possible with live tumor tissue.

What options can saving my tumor tissue provide?

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